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the Unified Perspective over Packaged Applications

Siebel dedicated methodology: 

a Unified Perspective


Is your Siebel implementation agile enough?

Packaged applications, like Siebel, were meant to be agile, quick-to-implement and close to what the business requires from a corporate CRM. Unfortunately, wrong implementation practices have rendered them difficult and sluggish, very hard to maintain. A new trend, the Cloud, promises to make implementations easier, but the reality is that cloud simplifies deployment, upgrade and administration - while it does not offer an answer to the customization process, often complicating it with the return to custom code development. This actually amplifies the distance between business and IT.


Align Siebel CRM to your corporate strategy 

business & IT


Employ the right approach to your implementation to get your Siebel business agile and aligned to your corporate strategy!

Based on decades of Siebel projects’ experience and academic research, e-Up has distiled the best-practices for Oracle Siebel implementations in a simple yet effective methodology: a Unified Perspective methodology.

Thanks to its visual approach, the methodology helps you construct a comprehensive perspective over your application, both functionally and technically. This means that both the Siebel team and the business have 100% control over what is available out-of-the-box, the existing customizations supporting the corporate business requirements, solution designs, issues - with all the knowledge surrounding your Siebel environment stored in one place, the e-Tools meta-repository, securely stored on your premises. 

e-Tools methodology is different from what you have experienced in the market so far! Every single approach tells you what to do, but only e-Up provides the comprehensive toolset to help you implement it. Having a methodology embedded in the tools you use makes the difference: e-Tools practices what it preaches. By simply using it, the Siebel team will be aligned with the business, achieving quicker implementations that deliver a CRM application that actually represents the corporate strategy.

Do we need to give up our methodology and start all over again?

NO. The unified perspective methodology guides your approach to handling Siebel, independently fromthe project management methodology you are employing. It provides the map to tackle and handle Siebel so that it answers your specific business requirements.

The UP methodology can start from either your customized application and help you build on top of that (bottom-up approach), or start from the existing requirements and support you during the design process (top-down approach). This is why it is highly flexible and can be adopted in any moment of your project to bring in the desired results.

In fact, all the visual artefacts - from business requirements to application solution design - can be interconnected, thus filling the gap between the functional and technical sides of a Siebel implementation and providing a common tool for your team's communication.

You don't need to do anything on your side, just use e-Tools and you will be on the right track with a correct approach to requirement and process modelling, technical solutions design, team collaboration and project documentation.

Why do we need a Siebel specific methodology?

Siebel is the CRM enterprise packaged application by excellence. Packaged applications provide the advantage of having several features out-of-the-box, speeding up the implementation in comparison with custom greenfield development.

The characteristic of a good packaged application, such as Siebel, is that it can be further configured and extended to meet any client needs. Unfortunately too often this has transalted into Siebel customizations over the top. They disregarded existing features and implemented "external" solutions, forcing the application behaviour. This resulted in heavy Siebel applications, hated by their users.

When implementing Siebel the right way, making the most of what is already there, using the customization mechanisms as they should be used, Siebel is more agile!

By using e-Tools your team automatically employes the methodology, thus applying best practices on all the projects phases and reusing the exact core Siebel elements that compose your corporate CRM application!

This is what the Unified Perspective offers.

Contact us to learn more about the Unified Perspective methodology.

The e-Up Methodology’s core principles are:

- Siebel specific - it is dedicated to Siebel and its specific handling, thus make use of the Siebel core objects of your application.

- Visual - Why Visual? Because visual information is processed 600,000 times faster than text, it is language independent (thus reduces misunderstandings), simplifies the overview so that all stakeholders can be aligned on the situation.

- Automation - Why spend time on repetitive tasks? Navigating and searching for information to construct an analysis? Automation reduces repetitive tasks and provides more time for bugs identification or creative solution finding.

- Reusability - Have you noticed how documentation tends to be repetitive? Are you sure your requirements are reflected in the design and testing documentation? Training materials are built based on requirements specifications and process design? What if, once modelled, you could reuse the knowledge in different formats? This reduces workloads and streamlines work in the Siebel project, so that more is done with less.

- Communication and collaboration - Did you know that the main pain points for a project delivery are misunderstandings? Clear up the air and have everyone on the same page, by employing visual representations and one knowledge repository referenced by all.

- Agility - do it right so that the implementation work and the application itself are agile!

- Real support - e-Tools sustains the methodology in every step and was built in respect of the above principles.


Many Siebel professionals are becoming e-Up certified to demonstrate their skills and abilities. Would you want to be an innovative and recognized Siebel professional? Start your certification process, contact us!

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