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Pro-Active role-based support for Siebel


Welcome a new Support generation - Visual machine learning at your service 

Standard support associated to your maintenance contract for Siebel has reached a very low-level in quality.

Specialized support implies high costs and can lengthen the timelines due to response times and possibly losing control over your application. 

What if you had a Siebel expert always on your side, guiding you through issues discovery, indicating potential pitfalls, visuallizing alternative OOB design, reminding you wich requirements or which business processes are involved in a technical feature? 

What if all all this was real-time, 24/7, with no delay... and all automatically documented? e-Tools is your expert ally with automated Visual analysis based on Siebel design best-practices, extracted Business Processes, automatically generated Use Case scenarios. It is available any time you need it and it is always ready to tackle the issue together with you. No waiting time, no extra costs for premium service, no need to handle external access to your applications and data.

e-Tools makes all this come true

 SiebelPro ActiveSupport


When you receive a ticket - from a normal Siebel user or during a Test Phase, e-Tools can track the point where the error happened in a Visual flow 

Once identified the issue, make use of e-Tools automatic Visual analysis to infer both the requirement (thanks to machine-learning) and the existing design and bring on root-cause analysis.

Once found the cause, developers and designers can work on a solution by visual prototyping.

document everything with a click!



Make your business users happy with e-Tools and its AI-based support


Make the most out of your Siebel investment and be Oracle compliant by following Visual design best-practices.


Increase agility: bridgethe gap between the business side of your company and your Siebel application.


Support any Siebel version:  use e-Tools continuously towards the life of your CRM application - we will release innovations together with Oracle in SaaS mode.


Unmatched 24/7 embedded Siebel expertise - e-Tools holds best practices embedded in it’s automatic analysis, this facilitates keeping the team on the right technical track and supports solving old problems and defining new solutions.


Maintain all knowledge internally - Create and own your "how-to" library and share it across the organization in html format - once modelled in e-Tools, processes, designs and legacy documentation can be shared on your intranet using already available resources for indexing and categorizing knowledge.


 Contact up to find out how you could implement your Siebel support with a simple, light, monthly fee. 

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