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  • Check Siebel repository via REST directly in e-Tools

    Check Siebel repository via REST directly in e-Tools


    In the last months we have been extending e-Tools with new features that exploit the innovations introduced by the Siebel development team. One of the most interesting innovations presented in IP2016 is the REST interface. As described in the bookshelf, REST (Representational State Transfer) is a software architecture style that provides a convenient and consistent approach to requesting and modifying data. In the Siebel CRM RESTful system, resources are stored on the Siebel Server.

    e-Tools, the unique CASE tool for Oracle Siebel, supports any Siebel version, generating visual artefacts that are used for all the phases of a Siebel implementation project - from requirements to solution design.

    e-Tools now includes a new REST interface to communicate with your Siebel Server in order to get the information you need to check in the Repository or - if you activated the new IP2016 feature - in any Workspace you might want to use. In the following video we present the new window embedding the client to get any data from your Siebel repository. By doing so you will be able - for example - to compare the values of a specific object with the ones of a previous version modelled in e-Tools.



    This new feature - as the ones that use the new generation Siebel IP2016 UPT framework - is included for all existing e-Tools customers as any other new feature that we constantly release.  Remember, you can still use e-Tools in all your project's phases with ANY Siebel version  - but you will be able to exploit also these innovations, like querying the repository via REST, once you upgrade to latest Siebel releases.

    NOTE - in order to get data related to Workflows you need to get IP2016 Patch Set 3; thanks to Chandan DasGupta from the Oracle Siebel team for the information.

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  • e-Up is SaaS

    e-Tools delivery model


    Get the best out of Cloud and on-premise!

    Worried about cloud data and security issues? But not ready to take on another software maintenance hurdle? Get the best of both worlds, with e-Up solutions.


    e-Up's commitment to continuous improvement means that new functionalities are released seamlessly. You won't experience any disruption or need any maintenance, everything is transparent for the user: we take care of the administrative tasks for you. Our solutions run on your machines and data remains there. Business and technical data ownership is yours and you remain in control!

    e-Up solutions are SaaS:

    • Easy to deploy solution: just click one button from our website!
    • 100% Private and Secure: your application and your data stay on your premises
    • NO administration or maintenance!
    • On-line and on-demand support
    • New releases immediately available with no migration hassle whatsoever
    • New functionalities released periodically: let us hear your Voice with e-Up UserVoice platform!
    • Great IT Team collaboration and experience with a happier business
    • Amazing performance
    • Integrated security and control
  • News from Oracle: Oracle PartnerCast February 10th 2016

    News from Oracle: Oracle PartnerCast February 10th 2016

    (Notes from today's OPN PartnerCast - Oracle EMEA PS)


    Siebel Oracle Cloud
  • Oracle Siebel roadshow

    Oracle Siebel roadshow

    (London, 12th of May 2016)


    e-Up was excited to be part of the Oracle Siebel CRM road-show in London this week. The Oracle Siebel team introduced IP2016 innovations and future vision to a selected group of partners and customers. The road-show is going to take place in other key locations around the globe, so if you are interested in attending, get in touch with your Oracle contact.
  • Oracle Siebel Roadshow Utrecht (Second day)

    The second day at the Oracle Siebel Roadshow focused on introducing and demonstrating Siebel related innovations.

    First day summary available here.

  • Software as a Service should be about Software, not data

    Everyone involved in IT, being enterprise or consumer, is nowadays caught by the Cloud paradigm. The shift we are experiencing is important and impact us and the way we consume applications at every level. The evolution of the web and its related technologies, among which HTML5 and javascript, together with all its frameworks (Angular.js, Ember.js, Node.js, just to cite a few), is allowing software development possibilities for the web that we could have only imagined few years ago.

    On the enterprise side, visionaries like Marc Benioff understood far before others that this technological evolution would have allowed more and more software capabilities in time and that this would have freed companies from heavy stacks of on-premises enterprise software. The rest is history, as it has been the take over of the cloud paradigm of against its first main rival, Siebel CRM, acquired by Oracle in 2005.

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