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Improve your Siebel with e-Tools
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Welcome e-Tools 2016!

Welcome e-Tools 2016!

A new and improved version of e-Tools is live! 


A new, improved e-Tools is live!
In this version, the UI has been dramatically improved:
- touch friendly interface including hamburger/three line menu for easy access also when running on tablets
- updated graphics for use cases and process diagram
- improved graphics and colour scheme throughout the interface
- improved performance add text


e-Tools 2016 represents a milestone for e-Up software as from now on we are getting aligned to Oracle Siebel innovation packs. e-Tools supports all versions of Siebel (from HI to OUI), however, the new aligned releases will incorporate features in line with the Oracle Siebel releases.
We are following closely the new developments and designing new automations to help Siebel professionals in their daily activities.

Stay tuned for more news!

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